We have been ensuring the quality of construction and renovation materials for 20 years


Since 1999, Elram has been a leader in the sealing, adhesion and paint market in Israel. Our products are carefully chosen according to parameters of quality andperformance, with an emphasis on innovation.

As the exclusive representative of the best manufacturers in the world, we offer products that are at the technology forefront for the construction and industrial sectors, alongside unique and high quality solutions for the DIY world.

Our products make their way daily to thousands of customers across the country.

We would be happy to work together and look forward to hearing from you.

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אלרם PRO - צבעים, דבקים וחומרי אטימה לענף הבנייה והתעשייה

Dedicated professional consultation, deep expertise and quality materials are our secret


Decades of experience, a commitment to superior goods,  and adherence to the stricteststandards have made Elram a leading supplier in the field of construction and industrials in Israel.

Thanks to  vast expertise accumulated over the years, Elram provides solutions to hundreds of professional customers, while adapting customized products tailored to the most special applications.

The team of Elram Consultants provides professional guidance throughout each project from materials selection, to implementation in the field and through completion. All with great precision and dedication.

אלרם DIY - חומרי עשה זאת בעצמך

Highest quality materials deliver great satisfaction for DIY fans


Rust-Oleum gives you the opportunity to create a world without rules, a paradise of upgrades and enhancements! If you can imagine it, you can create it!

With an amazing range of products containing hundreds of colors, shades, textures and effects, we have a product that suits your style.Reinvent any object and make it and your own!

1200 Retailers where you can find our products

20 Years of exceptional service and quality

96 Construction, maintenance, sealing and painting products we import

Our people

Our employees are the heart of our organization.

Elram's service charter is reflected in each employee across sales, logistics, and back office personnel.

The Elram team is committed to deliver personal, high quality, fast and efficient service that provides a complete solution for every customer, whether professional or amateur.

Our team undergoes extensive training in order to deepen technical knowledge and provide impeccable service.